Warranty & Return

Thank you for shopping at NEATCELL. We hope you enjoy your purchase, but if you have any questions, we are always here to help.

Warranty Policy:

1. Warranty Period

NEATCELL provides warranty services and official customer support, which applies only to new products purchased from NEATCELL's official website and Amazon. We do not authorize other websites' dealers or distributors to sell our products.

We provide a one-year limited warranty for new products purchased from NEATCELL.

Replacement units: The warranty period starts from the initial purchase date and will be extended within an integer number of days for the product to be repaired.

2. Cancellation of Warranty Period

The warranty is void under the following circumstances: a) The product is marked as "sample" or "not for sale", or sold "as is," or sent to you as a "prototype." b) The product is purchased from an unauthorized distributor or reseller. c) The trademark, serial labels, or product stickers have been removed, altered, or tampered with. d) The product has been disassembled, mishandled, improperly used, or damaged. e) Damage caused by accidents, disassembly, abuse, or repair or modification by anyone other than a designated supplier, or wear and tear parts has exceeded the warranty period. f) The product is damaged due to an improper working environment or operation, such as unusual physical or electrical stress or interference, power failure or fluctuations, electrostatic discharge, or the use of incorrect power adapters. g) The product is damaged due to violation of battery safety handling and usage instructions. h) The warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

3. Limitation of Damages

NEATCELL is not responsible for any additional warranties or promises made by dealers, agents, distributors, or any other third party. If they promise you additional commitments or warranties, please request written documentation to protect your rights.

Return/Cancel/Refund Policy:

1. Cancellation

If you want to cancel your order, please contact us by email for assistance. However, once the goods have been shipped (you have received a tracking number or your order status has been completed), we cannot help cancel it.

2. Return

Return policy for products purchased from NEATCELL:

a) For unwanted products:

We do not accept returns for unwanted products. Please consider carefully before purchasing.

b) For non-manufacturing defect products: If you receive a defective product (not caused by human error), you can get a full refund or replacement within 30 days after delivery. After 30 days but within the one-year warranty period, a full refund cannot be given but a replacement can be accepted. You do not need to return the defective item to us, and NEATCELL will bear the shipping cost of the new replacement.

Return policy for products purchased from a third party:

If you purchase a NEATCELL product from a third-party store or supplier, and the product's function does not meet your requirements, please contact the original store or supplier who purchased the product for information about their return and refund policy. All return and refund procedures related to NEATCELL products purchased from third-party stores or suppliers are subject to their specific policies. Please refer to the return and refund policy of the original store or supplier where you purchased the NEATCELL product for specific information. NEATCELL is not responsible for its refund and return.

3. Refund

    For orders that meet the refund criteria, the money will be refunded to your payment account.