How can I participate in the NEATCELL rewards program?
It's simple! Just create a NEATCELL account on, and you will automatically be enrolled in the program.

I made a purchase. Why haven't my points been credited immediately?
Once you have paid for your order, you will receive points. If you have received a notification but your points have not been credited, please contact Please note that if you return your order, any points earned from the purchase will be deducted.

How can I redeem my points?
Simply add products to your shopping cart and select the points you want to apply at the checkout page. If your points meet the requirements, you can also redeem free products.

How can I check my point balance?
When you log in to your NEATCELL account, you can view your point balance at the top of this page.

Will my points expire?
Yes, your points will expire after 12 months of inactivity. This means that if you don't earn or spend any points within 12 months, your points will expire and your points balance will be reset to 0.

My friend used my referral code. Why haven't I received my reward points yet?
The referral is only considered successful or "completed" if the following requirements are met:
  • The referred friend completes a purchase of at least the minimum spending amount (discounted price).
  • The purchase must be the referred friend's first purchase.
  • The user agent and IP address of the user clicking the referral link must match the user agent and IP address of the user who completes the purchase.

Things that may cause the referral to fail:
  • If the customer clicks on the referral link but subsequently makes the purchase on a different IP address or user agent, the referred customer will not receive the referral bonus.
  • If the minimum spending amount is reached, but part of the amount is paid with a coupon, it will not be counted as a completed referral. The minimum amount must be paid with actual money or using redemption options.
  • The referral will only be completed if the minimum amount is spent in the first purchase made through the referral link. The amount cannot be spread across multiple purchases.